Interactive World Map -- WordPress Plugin

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Clickable World Map -- WordPress Plugin

Install an interactive world map WordPress plugin in minutes and customize its colors, links, hover info. through an easy to use admin panel without any coding knowledge.

Features of the Map

  • No monthly/annual fees, you download a fully working plugin and you can use it as long as you want.
  • Works perfectly on desktop along with mobile devices including Smartphones: iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc.
  • Responsive and fully resizable.
  • Does NOT require ANY coding knowledge.
  • Each continent can be linked to any webpage.
  • Each continent can be activated/deactivated individually.
  • Well organized admin panel and easy to use interface.
  • Small file size > Faster load speed > Better for SEO and Google ranking.

General Map Style

Border Color:
colors of the borders between the regions.
Shadow Color:
shadow below the map. can be transparent to hide the shadow.
Names Color:
color of the visible continent names.

Per Continent Parameters

  • Activate/Deactivate any continent using a checkbox.
  • Choose the up color, hover color, and click color of each continent (Unlimited colors using a color picker).
  • Link each continent to any webpage (internal or external pages).
  • Open link in a new window, same window, or none.
    Trick: Using 'None' is very useful if you have enough content in the hover popup and you don't want to link this continent to other pages).
  • Add hover content, including easily styled simple text and images.
Free Download

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