Interactive Map of Texas -- Clickable Counties and Clickable Cities

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Clickable Map of Texas -- Clickable Counties and Clickable Cities

Texas map template allows you to create your own custom interactive map of Texas and modify colors, links, hover description for each county. Also to add unlimited number of clickable cities anywhere on the map then embed it in your website and link each clickable county or city to any webpage. The map is SVG based so it's responsive and fully resizable and mobile friendly.

Features of the Map

  • Works perfectly on desktop along with mobile devices including Smartphones: iPhone, iPad, Tablets, etc.
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) based, so it can be enlarged as much as you want while preserving the quality.
  • Responsive and fully resizable.
  • Can be used as interactive county map of Texas or a blank map with clickable cities or both as in the demo.
  • Each county or city can be linked to any webpage.
  • Each county can be activated/deactivated.
  • Each city can be customized individually (shape, position, colors, hover content, URL, etc).
  • Easily customized through simple JavaScript files ( NO Javascript knowledge required ).
  • Not a WordPress plugin but can be integrated in WordPress website using HTML Snippets plugin. A step by step installation guide is included in the documentation files.
  • 100% hand drawn SVG anchor by anchor in Adobe Illustrator for highest quality and best optimization.
    Note: We can customize the map for your own needs (private work).
  • Small file size > Faster load speed > Better for SEO and Google ranking.
  • Compatible with all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari and Opera.
  • Full documentation is included. and an interactive X, Y coordinates guide is included (Similar to this).
  • General Map Style

    colors of the borders around the counties.

    Per County Parameters

    the content of the hover popup.
    Note: the hover popup expands with content but it’s not responsive so don’t put much content to avoid any conflict with small devices.
    link county to any webpage.
    open link in the "same window", "new window" or "none".
    Trick: Using 'none' is very useful if you have enough content in the hover popup and you don't want to link this county to other pages.
    county color when page loads.
    county color when mouse hover.
    county color when mouse clicking.
    true/false to enable/disable this county.

    List of The Clickable Counties

    1. Anderson
    2. Andrews
    3. Angelina
    4. Aransas
    5. Archer
    6. Armstrong
    7. Atascosa
    8. Austin
    9. Bailey
    10. Bandera
    11. Bastrop
    12. Baylor
    13. Bee
    14. Bell
    15. Bexar
    16. Blanco
    17. Borden
    18. Bosque
    19. Bowie
    20. Brazoria
    21. Brazos
    22. Brewster
    23. Briscoe
    24. Brooks
    25. Brown
    26. Burleson
    27. Burnet
    28. Caldwell
    29. Calhoun
    30. Callahan
    31. Cameron
    32. Camp
    33. Carson
    34. Cass
    35. Castro
    36. Chambers
    37. Cherokee
    38. Childress
    39. Clay
    40. Cochran
    41. Coke
    42. Coleman
    43. Collin
    44. Collingsworth
    45. Colorado
    46. Comal
    47. Comanche
    48. Concho
    49. Cooke
    50. Coryell
    51. Cottle
    1. Crane
    2. Crockett
    3. Crosby
    4. Culberson
    5. Dallam
    6. Dallas
    7. Dawson
    8. Deaf Smith
    9. Delta
    10. Denton
    11. DeWitt
    12. Dickens
    13. Dimmit
    14. Donley
    15. Duval
    16. Eastland
    17. Ector
    18. Edwards
    19. Ellis
    20. El Paso
    21. Erath
    22. Falls
    23. Fannin
    24. Fayette
    25. Fisher
    26. Floyd
    27. Foard
    28. Fort Bend
    29. Franklin
    30. Freestone
    31. Frio
    32. Gaines
    33. Galveston
    34. Garza
    35. Gillespie
    36. Glasscock
    37. Goliad
    38. Gonzales
    39. Gray
    40. Grayson
    41. Gregg
    42. Grimes
    43. Guadalupe
    44. Hale
    45. Hall
    46. Hamilton
    47. Hansford
    48. Hardeman
    49. Hardin
    50. Harris
    51. Harrison
    1. Hartley
    2. Haskell
    3. Hays
    4. Hemphill
    5. Henderson
    6. Hidalgo
    7. Hill
    8. Hockley
    9. Hood
    10. Hopkins
    11. Houston
    12. Howard
    13. Hudspeth
    14. Hunt
    15. Hutchinson
    16. Irion
    17. Jack
    18. Jackson
    19. Jasper
    20. Jeff Davis
    21. Jefferson
    22. Jim Hogg
    23. Jim Wells
    24. Johnson
    25. Jones
    26. Karnes
    27. Kaufman
    28. Kendall
    29. Kenedy
    30. Kent
    31. Kerr
    32. Kimble
    33. King
    34. Kinney
    35. Kleberg
    36. Knox
    37. Lamar
    38. Lamb
    39. Lampasas
    40. La Salle
    41. Lavaca
    42. Lee
    43. Leon
    44. Liberty
    45. Limestone
    46. Lipscomb
    47. Live Oak
    48. Llano
    49. Loving
    50. Lubbock
    51. Lynn
    1. McCulloch
    2. McLennan
    3. McMullen
    4. Madison
    5. Marion
    6. Martin
    7. Mason
    8. Matagorda
    9. Maverick
    10. Medina
    11. Menard
    12. Midland
    13. Milam
    14. Mills
    15. Mitchell
    16. Montague
    17. Montgomery
    18. Moore
    19. Morris
    20. Motley
    21. Nacogdoches
    22. Navarro
    23. Newton
    24. Nolan
    25. Nueces
    26. Ochiltree
    27. Oldham
    28. Orange
    29. Palo Pinto
    30. Panola
    31. Parker
    32. Parmer
    33. Pecos
    34. Polk
    35. Potter
    36. Presidio
    37. Rains
    38. Randall
    39. Reagan
    40. Real
    41. Red River
    42. Reeves
    43. Refugio
    44. Roberts
    45. Robertson
    46. Rockwall
    47. Runnels
    48. Rusk
    49. Sabine
    50. San Augustine
    51. San Jacinto
    1. San Patricio
    2. San Saba
    3. Schleicher
    4. Scurry
    5. Shackelford
    6. Shelby
    7. Sherman
    8. Smith
    9. Somervell
    10. Starr
    11. Stephens
    12. Sterling
    13. Stonewall
    14. Sutton
    15. Swisher
    16. Tarrant
    17. Taylor
    18. Terrell
    19. Terry
    20. Throckmorton
    21. Titus
    22. Tom Green
    23. Travis
    24. Trinity
    25. Tyler
    26. Upshur
    27. Upton
    28. Uvalde
    29. Val Verde
    30. Van Zandt
    31. Victoria
    32. Walker
    33. Waller
    34. Ward
    35. Washington
    36. Webb
    37. Wharton
    38. Wheeler
    39. Wichita
    40. Wilbarger
    41. Willacy
    42. Williamson
    43. Wilson
    44. Winkler
    45. Wise
    46. Wood
    47. Yoakum
    48. Young
    49. Zapata
    50. Zavala

    Cities Parameters

    We included 3 major cities in Texas, and you can add/remove cities as you like, using the following parameters:

    choose the shape of the pin/city;"circle" or "rectangle".
    the content of the hover popup.
    Note: the hover popup expands with content but it’s not responsive so don’t put much content to avoid any conflict with small devices.
    location of the pin/city on X axis.(How?)
    location of the pin/city on Y axis.(How?)
    width of the rectangle.
    height of the rectangle.
    diameter of the circle.
    outline color of the pin.
    thickness of the line.
    color of the pin/city when map loads.
    color of the pin/city when mouse hover.
    color of the pin/city when clicked.
    URL assigned for this pin/city.
    open it in the "same window", "new window" or "none".
    Trick: Using 'none' is very useful if you have enough content in the hover popup and you don't want to link this pin/city to other pages).
    true/false to enable/disable this pin/city. in case you want to put inactive pins or temporary disable any of them.
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    How to embed this interactive map of Texas in my website?

    The purchased file includes a detailed documentation. But simply upload all the purchased map files including the Javascript and the CSS files to your server, and copy the HTML code from the map.html file and paste it into your website anywhere you want to place the map.

    How to insert this map in a WordPress site?

    There are 2 simple methods to insert the map in your WordPress site, either using HTML snippet plugin, a step by step guide is included in the downloaded file. Also you can use iframe plugin to embed the map in your wp site.

    Is this map resizable?

    Yes, the map is responsive and fully resizable and you can adjust the map size as you want simply through the included map-style.css file .

    How to add/remove markers on the map?

    You can do that by copy/paste of the default code in the included files, then adjust colors, content, links ..etc of each pin.

    How to get the X, Y coordinate of pins on the map?

    The purchased files includes an interactive guide that helps you to get the accurate coordinates on the map, all what you need to do is to click anywhere on the map guide to get the X, Y coordinate values and use it in your map. You can see this video screencast to see how it works.

    Does this map work on iPhone and iPad?

    Yes. It works on smartphones: iPhone and iPad, etc

    Are you available for freelance work?

    Yes, we can make a map customization or create a custom map for you from scratch on a freelance basis.

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